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There are currently 25 different Defenses spread amongst 11 Heroes.

Apprentice / Adept:

  1. Magic Blockade
  2. Magic Missile Tower
  3. Fireball Tower
  4. Lightning Tower
  5. Deadly Striker Tower

Huntress / Ranger:

  1. Gas Trap
  2. Proximity Mine Trap
  3. Inferno Trap
  4. Ethereal Spike Trap
  5. Darkness Trap

Monk / Initiate:

  1. Ensnare Aura
  2. Electric Aura
  3. Healing Aura
  4. Strength Drain Aura
  5. Enrage Aura

Squire / Countess:

  1. Spike Blockade
  2. Bouncer Blockade
  3. Harpoon Turret
  4. Bowling Ball Turret
  5. Slice N Dice Blockade


  1. Tornado Stance
  2. Lightning Stance
  3. Siphon Stance
  4. Turtle Stance
  5. Hawk Stance

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