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Drops are dropped randomly in all waves except for the first in which you can't get drops at all. Otherwice I'm going to assume that you meant the quality of them: Here's a list:

- The map you are playing. Harder (later) maps give better drops (duh!).
- The difficulty you are playing on. Harder difficulties give better drops.
- The current level of the map. Later levels give better drops. (suprise!)

And then there's the classes that are on the field. You will only get weapons of the classes that are on the field. For example, if there was a Squire and a Series EV (uses apprentice and huntress weapons), you would get Squire, Apprentice and Huntress weapons. Another expample: If there was a soloing summoner (uses no weapons at all) you would only get armor drops. Please note that ALL classes can use ALL of the armor types (leather, plate and so on...)

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